Note: battery ventilation unit noise at 70db would be louder than this old invertor noise

Norlington Lane is a quiet place

Many villagers come to Norlington Lane to escape for a while and enjoy its tranquillity, sitting on one of its benches watching and listening to the wildlife. The solar farm includes a large amount of machinery to manage it and store the energy. Apart from being an eyesore, these all create noise. The six battery units (each a 20ft container) produce more than 70db of noise - equivalent to six loud TVs at the same time, making noise day and night. Gone is your quiet evening walk past green fields. The video here shows how quiet Norlington Lane is during the day and a second video shows what the units look like, at Bradley, Hampshire, and how noisy they are. It shows the noise produced by a single piece of the solar farm infrastructure. On the Norlington Lane site there are several of these scattered about the site, along with six louder battery units right next to the Lane, 20 metres from a bench where people sit for peace and quiet.

The proof it's noisy:


In the machinery compound next to the lane are:


  • DNO unit 5m from the Lane  - unit rated at 62dB
  • Six battery units 10m from the Lane -  units rated at 70dB (the same as a loud TV set)
  • Substation 5m from the road - 1 unit rated at 63dB


These systems will be heard as you walk past them on the lane and if you live in nearby houses on the lane.


References: The following were documents submitted by Ovesco to the planning portal: